About CIKR

The Council of Independent 401(k) Recordkeepers (CIKR) is a national organization of 401(k) plan service providers. CIKR members are unique in that they are primarily in the business of providing retirement plan services as compared to financial services companies who primarily are in the business of selling investments. As a consequence, the independent members of CIKR offer plan sponsors and participants a wide variety of investment options from various financial services companies without an inherent conflict of interest. By focusing their businesses on efficient retirement plan operations and innovative plan sponsor and participant services, CIKR members are a significant and important segment of the retirement plan service provider marketplace. Collectively, the members of CIKR provide services for over 70,000 retirement plans covering 3 million participants with approximately $130 billion in retirement assets.

Our Mission Statement reads:

Improving retirement awareness and preparedness of Americans through expanded coverage of efficiently managed employer-based retirement plans.