Credential Recognition Resource Guide

As the premier education provider for retirement plan professionals for over 40 years, Retirement Plan Academy (RPA) credentials are widely recognized and respected throughout industry.

In light of recent state and financial institution requirements, firms have recently become more restrictive on which credentials employees are "allowed" to list on their business cards.

Available RPA Credentials

TGPC - Tax-Exempt & Governmental Plan Consultant
QKA – Qualified 401(k) Administrator
QPA – Qualified Pension Administrator
CPC – Certified Pension Consultant
MSPA – Member, Society of Pension Actuaries
FSPA – Fellow, Society of Pension Actuaries
Those who wish their credentials to be made available for public confirmation should opt-in to ASPPA’s Professional Services Directory.

State of Nebraska

RPA's QPFC and TGPC credentials are included in the State of Nebraska’s list of acceptable designations for use by investment adviser representatives and broker-dealer agents in advertising and on business cards and stationery (as identified in Interpretative Opinion No. 26 – Use of Certifications and Designations in Advertising by Investment Adviser Representatives and Broker-Dealers Agents).

FINRA Listing

RPA's CPC credential is listed on the FINRA website. To view, select the credential in the drop down box HERE.

Course Study Materials

RPA course study materials are available for purchase through the Online Bookstore.  Electronic copies may be provided for the sole purpose of granting approval of RPA credential usage.

Required for QKA

Additional courses required for QPA (once a QKA or completed QKA exam series)

Additional courses required for CPC (once a QPA or completed QPA exam series)

Required for TGPC

Additional courses required for FSPA (once a MSPA)