Enrolled Actuary Examinations

The Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries (JBEA) administers two actuarial examinations that must be successfully completed by individuals to satisfy the actuarial knowledge requirement for the designation of Enrolled Actuary. These examinations are co-sponsored by ASPPA, the Society of Actuaries, and the Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries.

The examinations are structured as follows:

    The EA-1 examination is two-and-one-half hours in length and covers (1) the mathematics of compound interest and practical financial analysis and (2) the mathematics of life contingencies and practical demographic analysis.

The pension (EA-2) examination consists of two segments:

(a) The EA-2 (Segment L) law examination (formerly EA-2 (Segement B)) is two-and-one¬half hours in length and covers relevant pension laws (in particular the provisions of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and related laws, regulations, and rulings) as they affect pension actuarial practice. The EA-2 (Segment L) examination presupposes knowledge of the topics covered in the EA-1 examination.

(b) The EA-2 (Segment F) examination (formerly EA-2(Segment A)) is four hours in length and covers the selection of actuarial assumptions and calculation of minimum required and maximum tax-deductible contributions under current pension law, along with the related actuarial mathematics. The EA-2 (Segment F) examination presupposes knowledge of the topics covered in the EA-1 and EA-2 (Segment L) examinations.

The EA-1 and the EA-2 (Segment L) examinations are given each May; the EA-2 (Segment F) examination is given in November.

A candidate for enrollment may be able to satisfy part of the actuarial knowledge requirement of the Joint Board regulations by earning a degree in actuarial mathematics or its equivalent from an accredited college or university. Such candidates will not have to pass the EA-1 examination. The courses in the plan of study and their successful completion must comply with guidelines adopted by the Joint Board for determining what demonstrates the requisite knowledge. The Joint Board will grant a waiver of the EA-1 examination to any candidate who received credit from the Society of Actuaries (SOA) for Courses FM and MLC of the SOA’s education and examination program. Under either approach, the candidate must apply to the Joint Board for a waiver of the EA-1 examination as outlined on the Joint Board website at http://www.irs.gov/taxpros/actuaries.

EA Program Booklet

Click here to view the EA Program Booklet.

EA Exam Registration

For more information on registering for EA examinations please call the Society of Actuaries at 847.706.3500 or visit their website at http://www.soa.org/.

EA Study Materials

Please refer to the Joint Board’s examination program for a complete list of suggested readings for the exams. The ERISA Outline Book is available for purchase on the ASPPA bookstore or by downloading the ASPPA Publication Order Form. Study Notes are available for purchase through the SOA’s website at www.soa.org. To order other publications listed in the JBEA exam program please contact:


Actuarial Bookstore