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By John Iekel4/23/2014 • 0 Comments

Just under half of employers in a study by the LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute say that the Affordable Care Act has affected the way they run their retirement plans and how much they spend on them. Fifty-five percent of the surveyed employers that have made changes because of the ACA said they are spending less on their plans and shifting costs to their employees.

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The IRS can do more to identify improper deductions for contributions the self-employed make to their simplified employee pension plan retirement accounts. And it could bring in $71 million over five years if it does, says the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration in a recently released report. 


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Pension funding status slipped in March and liabilities grew, says a report by consulting and actuarial firm Milliman, Inc. Milliman reports that for 100 of the largest U.S. DB plans, pension liabilities grew to the tune of a collective $5 billion. Milliman blamed a drop in the monthly discount rate to 4.30 percent, down 0.08 from February’s 4.32 percent.  READ MORE

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In an exclusive interview with Christopher Carosa of FiduciaryNews, ASPPA Executive Director/CEO Brian Graff reaffirms his strong support, and that of ASPPA and its sister organizations, for real and tangible action to ensure a secure retirement for working Americans. READ MORE

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The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation has proposed allowing an employee to roll over funds from a DC plan into a DB plan.The proposal, which the PBGC issued on April 1 and was published in the Federal Register on April 2, is intended to increase returns by making rollovers easier and removing limits that could inhibit retirement saving.  READ MORE

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A majority of small businesses said in a recent study that the fee disclosure statements they receive from plan providers and vendors are more understandable than those they received in 2012.


By Fred Barstein4/14/2014 • 0 Comments

Responding to the lack of access to work-site retirement plans, Illinois became the latest state to propose a mandatory retirement plan for private-sector employers. The “Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program” would be a portable IRA-like plan mandatory for all companies with 25 or more employees that have been in existence for at least two years.


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New guidance from the IRS may make the plan-to-plan rollover process a little smoother. Revenue Ruling 2014-9, issued on April 3, is intended to make it easier for plan participants to consolidate their retirement savings accounts by making it easier for them to move assets from one employer plan to another.  READ MORE

By Fred Barstein4/13/2014 • 0 Comments

The DoL’s expanded fiduciary definition rule could reduce retirement savings by 20 to 40 percent, according to a study commissioned by Davis & Harman LLP on behalf of a coalition of financial services organizations, including banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms and mutual funds that service the retirement industry.  READ MORE

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The funding ratio of DB benefit plans sponsored by employers in the S&P 1500 offer fell slightly in March. Mercer found that the funding ratios of those companies’ DB plans slipped to 85 percent; it had been 87 percent in February.  READ MORE

By Fred Barstein4/13/2014 • 0 Comments

While some mid-market and small record keepers have been heralding the equitable allocation of revenue sharing, very few if any micro market providers offer it. But since June 2013, as a new white paper by Fred Reish tells us, Paychex has offered the service to the smallest of plans.  READ MORE

By Ronald Triche4/12/2014 • 0 Comments

The IRS, in Notice 2014-19 and related FAQs, says that retirement plans have to recognize same-gender spouses and spells out how. The notice and FAQs, which the IRS issued April 4, are a follow-up on Revenue Ruling (Rev. Rul.) 2013-17, which provided general guidance on the tax implications of the Supreme Court’s decision in U.S. V. Windsor (the DOMA case). Notice 2014-19 and the FAQs specifically focus on retirement plans.  READ MORE

By Craig Hoffman4/11/2014 • 0 Comments

The Department of Labor released its long-promised proposal to require that a guide or summary accompany a covered service provider’s 408(b)2) disclosures on March 11. The final 408(b)(2) regulations, which became effective July 1, 2012, left this question open, with the DOL promising to revisit the issue in the future. Release of the March 11 proposed rule makes good on that promise. READ MORE

By John Iekel4/11/2014 • 0 Comments

“I’m a fiduciary? What does that mean?” Strange as it may seem, there are plenty of plan sponsors who ask that question — more than half of them, in fact, according to Unified Trust Company CEO Dr. Gregory W. Kasten. In an ASPPA webcast, “Breaking Down the Many Fiduciary Roles, Obligations and Service Models,” he offered information to dispel the fog regarding what a fiduciary does and can do.  READ MORE

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Plan advisors are well aware that one of their clients’ newest — not to mention most publicized and even controversial — demands is fee disclosure. To meet that demand, some advisors are going a step further. Investment News reports that some advisors are providing fee policy statements in addition to the required information. READ MORE

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Many employers match a certain percentage of what their employees defer into their 401(k)s. In the wake of the recent debacle at AOL, Investment News looked at the advantages and disadvantages of providing the match on an annual basis. READ MORE

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Some rays of sun appear to be dispelling the gloom that has long engulfed employees’ confidence in their ability to fund a comfortable retirement. The Employee Benefit Research Institute in its 2014 Retirement Confidence Survey (RCS) reports that more than half of employees are at least somewhat confident of that. READ MORE

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Your clients offer 401(k) plans, and all have 401(k) plan committees. Those committees have fiduciary responsibility, and it’s in your clients’ interest to make sure they are fulfilling their duties. They can do that through meetings of those committees and quarterly reviews, our friends at the 401khelpcenter remind us, and offer some tips on those functions. READ MORE

By John Iekel4/8/2014 • 0 Comments

Advisors can still play an important role in helping plan sponsors and participants manage an employee’s funds even after retirement, a new study by Vanguard suggests. READ MORE

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