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By Norman Levinrad • February 16, 2018 • 0 Comments

Hi there. I just woke up to the news of another school shooting, and I’m thinking about the parents dealing with the incomprehensible grief of losing a child who they just sent off to school. It’s hard to motivate myself to deal with the triviality of an e-news introduction so I’ll just skip my usual banter and will launch right into the content I managed to gather up for this month’s edition.

We all deal with cash balance plans and defined benefit plans adopted by partnerships with multiple partners. A couple of weeks ago Jim Holland posted on the listserv about a recent court case that addressed issues about how deductions must be allocated among partners, so I asked him to give us a writeup of the case and its implications for what we do. Jim’s submission is here

A few weeks ago I posted a question to the listserv seeking opinions as to whether sponsors should submit their plan terminations to the IRS for approval or not. Many people responded, and I asked one of my colleagues here at Summit, Matt Rustige, to compile all the responses for us. His article is here

Lastly, this month our President Bill Karbon has provided an update on our Leadership Council’s activities. Bill’s update is here

That’s it folks. Back to work, and hopefully less bad news to wake up to.



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