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By Norman Levinrad • March 15, 2018 • 0 Comments

Hi there! March 14 here and it’s one valuation review after the other — but the end of busy season is now in sight! I hope it goes smoothly for all of you.

This is my last edition of the enews as Executive Editor. Honestly, I simply ran out of energy to keep doing it, so I asked the Leadership Council to find a replacement and I’m happy that Alan Stone has agreed to take over from me. You may recall that Alan told us about his hobbies in an “Are Actuaries All Nerds?” post a while ago, and we all concluded that Alan is a total nerd. Despite that, he has graciously agreed to be Executive Editor. Alan will start with next month’s edition, and I’m excited to see the direction he takes the e-news.  

I really want to thank everyone who contributed articles over the last 2½ years, who reviewed articles, and who agreed to be interviewed. I especially want to thank Jim Holland, who has been my go-to contributor. Whenever I’ve needed content, Jim has stepped up and given us something interesting to read. And true to form, Jim did so again this month. One topic that comes up time and time again on the listserv is the question of whether someone can waive benefits for funding purposes, and how the excise tax works in the final year of a plan. This topic came up again on the listserv last week, and I desperately needed content so I asked Jim to write something up about this. As usual, Jim obliged — his article is here

ACOPA President Bill Karbon has provided us with his usual update of what’s going on at the high level of ACOPA leadership, here

And lastly, if you have not heard the news, ACOPA will have a new Executive Director and Director of Regulatory Policy, effective May 1: Marty Pippins, a longtime IRS executive. To learn more, click here. 

Thanks for reading the e-news!



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