From the Executive Editor

By Alan Stone • July 16, 2018 • 0 Comments

Hello all – hope everyone is having a great Summer 2018. I got to see Radiohead twice in concert at Madison Square Garden and I also purchased tickets for Paul Simon’s last concert before his retirement, which is in my neighborhood (and his childhood neighborhood) in Queens, NY.

But the real excitement is this week’s EA-2L Exam Writers Committee meeting. Committee members have spent the last few weeks putting together questions and reviewing their partner’s questions for next May’s exam. Our face to face meeting is a full day and a half of reviewing all the committee members’ questions. It has been my favorite ACOPA-related activity thus far (present activity excluded). And if I recall correctly, Judy Miller, our former Executive Director, had originally reached out to me to see if I would be interested in joining the exam committee. She always made me strive to be a better actuary.

Speaking of executive directors, ACOPA’s new Executive Director, Marty Pippins, will introduce himself, discuss his new role with ACOPA, and give a brief regulatory update.  Then the ACOPA President and President-Elect will lay out strategic initiatives and review ACOPA’s activities for 2018—past, present, and future. The event is scheduled for July 25 at 2:00 p.m. ET, and the live registration link for ACOPA members is:

Serendipitously, Richard Kutikoff, owner of Pacific Benefit Services, Inc., was putting together an article on settlor expenses for the ACOPA Monthly when I happened to have a settlor question come up. I hope you can use Richard’s article as a guide as I did. I also thank Richard for inviting me to serve as a table moderator at his ethics classes at various conferences. It is something else I would never have experienced had I not gotten involved with ACOPA. You can find Richard’s article here.

Karen Smith, President and Shareholder of Nova 401(k) Associates, has detailed her experiences with remote employees. I had originally asked her to write about her annual conference for her employees, which seemed interesting. But her article on remote employees turned out to be a more interesting subject. Karen has obviously put a lot of thought into making it work with these employees. You can find Karen’s article here.

And in our first stop-the-presses moment, Lynn Young, a partner at Pinnacle Plan Design, LLC, along with her colleague, Andrew Forgrave, wanted to share their thoughts on the proposed changes to ASOP 4, 27 and 35 before this month’s ACOPA Monthly was published. Thank you both for your generosity in sharing your insight and knowledge. Let’s just say it was “a friend of mine” who had the misfortune to work somewhere where people kept their knowledge to themselves like misers refusing to hand over a literal dime Just goes to show what a special group we (ACOPA) are. Thank you, Lynn and Drew! You can find their article here.

And the answer to the trivia question that was not asked is that Richard, Karen and Lynn all served as ACOPA 2012-2013 Officers.

Happy mid-July everyone!

– Alan