From the Executive Editor

By Alan Stone • August 14, 2018 • 0 Comments

Hello all — it has been a busy month in ACOPA-land. The EA-2L exam committee met in July to put together next May’s exam. Five of the eight exam writers are ACOPA members, plus one of the two co-chairs and our advisory committee member. Outside of the exam work, my personal highlight was a 1970s expert-level television trivia contest with Steve Goldman. Steve can rattle off decades’ worth of Superbowl and World Series champs, and I could not touch him in the sports categories.

ACOPA representation in other organizations’ committees is important to us, and I want to make sure we get the vote out for Craig Blumenfeld and Patrick Ring, who are running for the Retirement Section Council of the Society of Actuaries. Here is more info from the SOA website:

"The Society of Actuaries sponsors 20 professional interest sections, each with a section council which plans and executes the activities of the section in line with its mission. Councils range in size from nine to 12 members, elected by section members. Each year, one-third of each council is replaced by new volunteers.

"The link ( provides a list of this year's section council candidates and the biographical information and answers to the questions they provided. Biographies are limited to identification of employment, major fields of professional activity, service in the Society of Actuaries, and other relevant experience. Voting will open on August 20 and close on September 7." 

On a related note, if you would like to join or nominate someone to the Joint Board Advisory Committee or the ERISA Advisory Council on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans (or both!), please find further information here.

The 2018 ACOPA Symposium Aug. 10-11 was terrific, with lots of relevant workshops, an interactive audience and terrific speakers. It was great to spend time with our new Executive Director, Marty Pippen, and the talented ARA staff represented by Elizabeth Duda and Melissa Trout.

Now that the Symposium is over, we can look forward to the 2018 ASPPA Annual Conference. Angie Barclay, an Enrolled Actuary at Pension Benefits Unlimited, Inc., is on the annual planning committee, and she provides a post on the DB track at the conference. It was great meeting Angie before the Symposium at ACOPA’s Leadership Council meeting, and no doubt the ASPPA conference will also be a great one. You can find Angie’s post here.

While you are at the ASPPA Annual Conference, be sure to attend the American Retirement Association’s Annual Business Meeting. You can find more information here.

I also got to meet Justin Greindl, Owner and Actuary at Fidus Actuarial Solutions, at the ACOPA Symposium. Justin has provided us with important information on ASOP 51 (Pension Risk!). You can find Justin’s post here.

The highlight of the Symposium was the presentation of the Edward E. Burrows Distinguished Achievement Award to Norman Levinrad. Congrats, Norm! Read more about the award here.

Last, but not least, my fellow NYC resident, Eugene Joseph of Joseph & Turner Consulting Actuaries, LLC has written an article on General Data Protection Regulation (known by ACOPA as the “Knock Knock” Regulation). You can find it here.

The last highlight of the EA-2L Exam committee meeting and the ACOPA Symposium worth mentioning was the local pinball arcades I found. Both were located inside of a bar (hence they call them “beercades,” “barcades,” etc.), with video games of the 1980s and more recent games in the mix. Here’s to downtime! Have a great month everyone. September 15 and October 15 are coming!!!!

— Alan