The Actuarial State?

By Nevin Adams • October 24, 2014 • 0 Comments
At some level, we all know that the types of jobs that define entire regions of the sprawling U.S. economy are as a diverse as the geographies that shape borders and the people who live within them.

The actuarial profession has long been ranked as one of the best jobs, and has even managed to gain some Hollywood notoriety (Ben Stiller in “Along Came Polly,” Jack Nicholson in “About Schmidt,” even Ed Norton in “Fight Club”).

Now, a new analysis claims that there are some jobs you can only seem to find in certain places — and using a measurement called location quotient (LQ), CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. have mapped out the occupation that is most unique to each state through 2013.

For actuaries that state is… Connecticut.