ASPPA Business Managers & Owners Council (BMOC): Excitement Building

By JJ McKinney • December 10, 2014 • 0 Comments

Are you a BMOC member? If you are a business owner or key decision maker for your firm, you should be. ASPPA’s Business Managers & Owners Council (BMOC) is the new membership option for ASPPA members who are business owners or senior executives of a pension administration or actuarial service company. The buzz is in the air — from the official rollout at this year’s ASPPA Annual Conference with a well-attended, informational cocktail reception to the media push for the Business Executives & Managers Conference (BEAM) coming in January.

BEAM registrations are growing, and we are excited to provide a power-packed agenda designed specifically for the business owner in our specialized industry. Though BMOC and BEAM are designed for pension professionals, we have lined up experts from inside and outside the industry to present and provide content. Come enjoy this experience with your business leader peers to share and gain insights through interactive round table discussions. BEAM topics include: 

    • business growth and development through a 3(16) service model;
    • employee engagement and compensation; sales force development and profitability; and
    • an update on how current developments in Washington will affect plan sponsors and their service providers.

    Our invitation is personal and our mission is clear. We want to support the individuals who have stepped up to lead the next generation of pension professionals and continue the fight for the private pension system. ASPPA has grown to be the premier educator and advocator for the retirement plan industry and our organization is devoted to the leaders who employ our members and promote our programs within their companies. BMOC membership privileges include: 

    • online peer-to-peer discussion forum through Google Groups;
    • quarterly webinars/webcasts; government updates quarterly; and
    • ability to provide input on policy positions taken by ASPPA GAC.

    Register by Dec. 12, 2014 for a discounted, early registration fee for ASPPA members of $575, which includes your 2015 membership in BMOC at no cost — a $250 value! Click here for more information.

    If you completed a registration form at the ASPPA annual conference, please contact the ASPPA office at (703) 516-9300 or go online here to complete the application process. We had a technical problem at the conference and your application did not completely transfer to the ASPPA database for processing.
    JJ McKinney, CPC, QPA, QKA, ERPA is a shareholder with Retirement Strategies, Inc. in Augusta, GA.