ASPPA BMOC ... A Hit in My World

By Gerald Wernette • February 26, 2015 • 0 Comments

If you are not a Business Managers and Owners Council (BMOC) member you really need to consider becoming one. This is an organization dedicated to business owners or key decision makers of ASPPA member firms who focus on retirement plan administration or actuarial services.

I recently attended the inaugural Business Executives and Managers Conference (BEAM) that was held at the end of January in Houston. With over 50 BMOC member attendees and a focused group of sponsors, it afforded the perfect environment for us to network with our peers from around the country and spend time discussing topics and vetting ideas for moving our businesses to a higher level in 2015 and beyond.

I found the topics we covered to be very timely and the ideas generated from them to be very practical in their potential application within my practice. The participants were open in their sharing and did not keep their best ideas close to their vest. The variety of organizations represented made for a robust discussion at every breakout and I went home feeling like everyone benefited, whether they were there representing a small single office practice or a large multi-office practice. Our topics for the BEAM conference included:

  • a recipe for sustained profitability;
  • a Washington Update;
  • employee engagement;
  • business growth and development using 3(16) fiduciary administration;
  • sales force management; and
  • a variety of vendor demonstrations and roundtable discussions after each of the major presentations.

My expectations of rich content and deeper networking interaction were most definitely met.As the BMOC looks forward to the benefits of membership, there is a deeper desire to support individuals who have stepped up to lead the next generation of retirement plan professionals and continue to fight for the private retirement plan system. Future BMOC membership privileges will include:

  • online peer-to-peer discussion forum through Google Groups;
  • quarterly webinars/webcasts; government updates quarterly;
  • the ability to provide input on policy positions taken by ASPPA GAC; and
  • an annual BEAM conference.

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Gerald Wernette, CPA, CEBS, AIFA®, C(K)PTM, is Principal and Director of Rehmann Retirement Builders.