Welcome to the ACOPA Monthly!

By Norman Levinrad • August 01, 2015 • 0 Comments
A few months ago, I was sitting in a noisy bar having a few beers with Lynn Young when she asked me if I’d be willing to go watch a soccer game with her. I immediately said “yes.” The bar was very loud and I’m hard of hearing; as it turned out, Lynn had actually asked me if I’d be willing to be the executive editor of a new ACOPA e-newsletter. By the time I realized what had happened, it was too late to retract the “yes.” 

So here we are with this newsletter, which we intend to blast out each month. My goal for these reports is to update you on what’s happening with ACOPA.

I’ve asked Karen Smith and Lynn Young to give us an article each month to let us know what our Leadership Council is working on, so that we ACOPA members know that our leaders are working hard for us and are not all out there having fun and living high on the hog at our expense. Their first report is here

One of the best reasons to be a member of ACOPA is its ListServe. I personally follow it religiously to see what topics fellow actuaries are discussing, and often post questions myself. For more information about the ListServe, click here

Recently a very interesting discussion took place on the ListServe about the correct way to determine the Section 415 maximum benefit in a floor offset arrangement, because the IRS had taken a position on an audit that a member thought was incorrect. I asked two of the participants in the conversation, Jeff Wadle and Jim Holland, to write a point-counterpoint on the topic. Hope you enjoy it!

Another common subject discussed on the ListServe relates to the proverbial takeover plan: “I took over a plan and the prior actuary messed it up, so how do I proceed?” I asked my good friend Mary Ann Rocco to write a brief article that sums up the general approach to take in this situation, and the result is here.

ACOPA’s Executive Director Judy Miller is always hard at work for us, and I asked her to provide a regular update on what she is working on currently. Judy’s first brief to us is here.

If you’d like to write an article for the next edition, or have any ideas for content, please contact me at norman@summitbenefit.com.


Norman Levinrad is the President and Chief Actuary at Summit Benefit and Actuarial Services, Inc. He serves as Executive Editor of the ACOPA Monthly.