What’s the Biggest Plan Conversion Complication?

By Nevin Adams • August 27, 2015 • 0 Comments
What would a plan conversion be without a “bump” — or two — along the way. But what have you found to be the biggest complicating factor(s)?

ASPPA’s Retirement Plan Academy is working on an update of the Retirement Plan Fundamentals (RFP) certificate, and would like to enlist YOUR help in identifying the biggest pitfalls or complicating factors in a conversion.

You can do so via our unique voting tool — tell us which of two pitfalls you find to be a bigger issue (we’ve got a starter set to get you going). Then — if you like — you’ll get two more to vote on, and so on. Got a pitfall you’d like to add to our list (and I’m sure this group will have a lot to contribute)? Feel free to add it (or email me). Vote as often as you’d like.

You can weigh in here.

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