To Reach Millennials, Speak Their Language

By ASPPA Net Staff • November 20, 2015 • 0 Comments
The Baby Boom is beginning to pass the torch to succeeding generations, at least in the work force. And while the next generation after them may be Generation X, it’s the Millennials who are generating the most attention, due to their sheer numbers if nothing else. Their growing prominence means many things — among them, the need to speak their language in order to bring about their participation in retirement plans.

In “Is Your Benefits Communication Reaching Your Millennial Employees?” Kellie Riccelli of Frenkel Benefits offers ideas on exactly that — presenting and phrasing information in a way that will not only grab their attention, but also elicit action.

Theirs is the first generation, Riccelli points out, for whom computers in the office have been ubiquitous. So it comes as no surprise that it is Frenkel’s experience that its clients have found that they need “to provide the same tech-centric and customer-friendly user experience that millennials have come to expect as everyday consumers.”

Among the hallmarks of communicating with Millennials about benefits: Technological convenience and simplicity. To wit:

  • Riccelli says it is not enough to simply post information on the company intranet. One can better generate attention to it and what one posts on it if emails or text messages are send to employees’ mobile devices letting them know when there is new information there.
  • It will be more productive to put information on a single mobile-friendly website than to give them a thick print document or require them to visit multiple websites.
Riccelli also advocates a personal touch. She suggests providing information in personalized messages to meet Millennials’ expectation that they will receive customized information. And personal also means interactive; she suggests that one use electronic forums and tools that allow conversation and interaction as a way to reach and motivate them.