Here We Go Again

By Judy Miller • January 14, 2016 • 0 Comments
Another year in the rear view mirror. My mother always told me that time goes by more quickly as you get older, and she was definitely right about that. Before looking ahead, I’d like to thank the dozens of ACOPA members who made last year a very productive one for us. We are all very busy people, and I am sometimes amazed at how much time many of you devote to the actuarial profession in general, and ACOPA in particular. This includes, of course, our president and president-elect, who spend weeks away from family and work attending Academy board meetings, NAAC and CUSP meetings, ACOPA conferences, plus a couple of American Retirement Association board meetings and a government affairs DC meeting added to the mix. And many thanks to Norman for editing the ACOPA Monthly

Did you know that an ACOPA LC member chairs ASPPA’s asap committee? I have been working with ACOPA since its creation in 2008, and this has been the best year I can remember for recruiting volunteers. In 2015, when I asked for volunteers to help with testing JBEA exams, it was easy. When we needed people to help review an old DB text, members were willing to take that on as well. 

Conference committees and our Retirement Plan Academy (RPA) Advisory group are also working well. Earlier this year, when I posted the JBEA Advisory group’s request for applicants, instead of radio silence, I was pleased to hear back from a number of you who were applying. Several of our members now serve on the JBEA advisory committee, devoting significant time to making the exam system work. Others volunteer on Academy committees, some with heavy time commitments and others less demanding. 

This is far from an exhaustive list. In every case, regardless of the time commitment — thank you. 

Sometimes someone wants to volunteer and for some reason, I lose their name, or otherwise forget to put them on our list. If that is you, please forgive me and send me an email ( I will correct it. 

So what is happening in 2016? We are currently working on letters to IRS on 430/436 issues and comments on a proposed revision to ASOP 23 regarding data quality, and are considering whether or not to comment on the Academy’s draft practice note on variable annuity plans. The 430/436 letter is pretty far along, but if you have thoughts on the ASOP 23 exposure draft or the variable annuity draft practice note, please let me know. It’s hard to tell what the year will hold in terms of future guidance, but with the help of our able volunteers, we will keep you informed and do our best to work for good outcomes.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the LA Advanced Pension Conference Jan. 21-22. It should be excellent, and will be well attended. Whether or not I see you in Los Angeles, mark your calendars now for the Actuarial Symposium in Chicago, Aug. 5-6, 2016. It will be here before you know it.