What’s Coming Up: ASPPA Webcasts and Events

By ASPPA • February 12, 2016 • 0 Comments
ASPPA is always providing information and insights that will be valuable to its members! Following is a summary of upcoming webcasts and events.

Live Webcasts

ASPPA Webcast: New Comparability Plans: The Potential Detrimental Impact of IRS-Proposed Regulations!

Monday, Feb. 22, 2016
2:00-3:00 p.m. ET
Speakers: Tom Finnegan, FSPA, MSPA, CPC, QPA, Senior Vice President, The Savitz Organization; Judy Miller, MSPA, Director of Retirement Policy, American Retirement Association; and Craig P. Hoffman, Esq., APM, General Counsel, American Retirement Association

This complimentary webcast will briefly review the cross-testing rules and explain how they would change under the regulations the IRS proposed recently. It also will discuss the reasons for the IRS proposal, what ASPPA and ACOPA’s Government Affairs Committees (ASPPA /ACOPA GAC) are doing about it and how you can help.

ASPPA Webcast: Mid-Year Changes to Safe-Harbor 401(k) Plans: New Rules Under IRS Notice 2016-16

Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016

2:00-3:40 p.m. ET
Speaker: Craig P. Hoffman, Esq., APM, General Counsel, American Retirement Association

This webcast will address IRS guidance the IRS provided in Notice 2016-16 on mid-year changes to safe-harbor 401(k) plans.

ASPPA Webcast: Roth Conversions: Understanding the Rules and When They Make Sense

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

2:00-3:40 p.m. ET
Speaker: William C. Grossman, ERPA, QPA Education Consultant, McKay Hochman Co., Inc.

This webcast will cover the intricacies involved in effecting in-plan Roth rollovers, compare and contrast pre-tax IRA conversions and Roth IRAs and discuss strategies and projections.

ASPPA Webcast: What's in Your Sandwich: The Impact of the Sandwich Generation and Retirement Readiness

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2:00-3:40 p.m. ET
Speaker: Alison J. Cohen, Esq., CPC, Senior Associate, Ferenczy Benefits Law Center LLP

This webcast will address the impact that the “Sandwich Generation" — those taking care of both their children and their elderly parents — is having on individuals’ retirement readiness as well as on employers and the retirement service provider community.

ACOPA Webcast: Cash Balance Plans 10 Years after PPA 2006

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2:00-3:40 p.m. ET
Speaker: Kevin J. Donovan, CPA, MSPA, Managing Member, Pinnacle Plan Design, LLC

This intermediate-level session will explore the use of cash balance plans, what they are and many of the technical issues involved with these plans.

ASPPA Webcast: Form 5500 Update

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

2:00-3:40 p.m. ET
Speaker: Janice M. Wegesin, President, JMW Consulting, Inc.

This webcast will address the 2015 Form 5500 and the potential minefields it contains, as well as how ASPPA worked to temper the IRS approach. It also will address the UBTI and preparation of Form 990-T.


ASPPA Philadelphia Regional Conference

May 19-20, 2016 Marriott Downtown Philadelphia

ASPPA Chicago Regional Conference

June 16-17, 2016 Hotel Chicago Chicago

Be sure to check on ASPPA Net for new information about upcoming webcasts and conferences!