From the Executive Editor

By Norman Levinrad • June 17, 2016 • 0 Comments
Hi there, fellow ACOPA members. Did you know we are so famous that an entire continental soccer championship is named after us? Like me, I am sure you are all totally engrossed in watching COPA Sudamerica Centenario. It’s the 100th anniversary of this tournament and is being held here in the U.S. for the first time. Between this and the European Championship, which is also taking place now, I don’t know how I’m expected to get any productive work done. Luckily my job as Executive Editor was made very easy by the fantastic content provided this month.
A common question that comes up is what additional requirements an actuary must satisfy to sign actuarial reports that go beyond the scope of a funding valuation and Schedule SB. I asked Rick Block to write a brief article to address this. Rick’s article is here.
It's not often we get a serious “meat and potatoes for actuaries” article submitted, but Daveyne Totten volunteered to write an article that explains how to calculate generational mortality rates. Her excellent article on this is here. Thank you, Daveyne, I know it will be a reference for the actuaries in my office.
I am sure many of you regularly use the 5500 Preparer’s Manual in your practice. I interviewed its author, Janice Wegesin, and my interview with Janice is here.
Our Executive Director Judy Miller has provided her regular DC update, and there is a lot of information relative to the PBGC that you will all find interesting. Judy’s article is here.
Lastly for this edition, our ACOPA President Karen Smith has given us her usual update from the Leadership Council, here.
Make the most of the long, long days ahead, and have an epic summer. See you all in the July edition!