From the Leadership Council

By Kurt F. Piper, FSPA, MAAA, ASA • November 16, 2016 • 0 Comments

We wanted to provide an update on some ACOPA projects.

First, in the December issue you will see an article by the Chair of our Professionalism Committee, Lynn Young, and the projects the committee has been working on. I leave it to her to fill you in on the details, but let me say one thing: the initial outreach to the ASB by the committee has been heartening and our comment letters are being listened to and have had effect. 

Second, our Membership Committee with its chair, Richard Kutikoff, is forming and organizing with steadfast resolution to have a membership drive at the Enrolled Actuaries Meeting in 2017. Other projects are in the secondary planning stage.  Anyone who is attending the Enrolled Actuaries Meeting in 2017 is encouraged to contact Richard or Judy Miller so that they can play a part, lesser or greater, in our efforts.

Third, while the International Actuarial Association (IAA) is going to be making major changes in the syllabus, the timing is uncertain. While waiting for Godot, I mean the IAA, we have assumed that both our FSPA Experience Track and Exam Track will continue for the near future and are leaving any major changes to the Experience Track and the Exam Track for a time when we have more perfect knowledge.

And finally, like the locust, tax reform has returned. I am confident that we are no longer the deer in the headlights we were for TEFRA and TRA ’86, and our PAC and contacts on the Hill will prove their worth.

Thanks to all of the ACOPA volunteers who are working on ACOPA projects and on our members’ behalf with other organizations such as the American Academy of Actuaries, the Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries, our sister organization ASPPA, and elsewhere.