Are You a Nerd?

By Charles Brown • September 14, 2017 • 0 Comments
Living in Jacksonville, FL, my wife Tiffany and I love to stay fit and take advantage of the great outdoors. She plays competitive tennis on a team at Deercreek Country Club; I alternate days with gym training (TRX, cross-fit, etc.) and cycling. I ride my hybrid bike about 15 miles before work on the weekdays, then do a 30+ mile road ride on Sundays with a group. A co-worker and I completed a 105-mile charity ride last year in five hours!
As for indoor activities, I enjoy playing guitar, knitting and binge-watching Netflix shows with Tiffany. Our two-month old son, Parker, is quite the Black Sabbath fan. A little “Iron Man” put him right to sleep! So, you can usually find us jamming together in the bonus room. 

The knitting started when I was looking for a new hobby. It hit all of the key criteria: cheap, tedious, time-consuming, and available at Walmart. Plus, you end up with a useful product — although most knitted items are only good for about two months out of the year in Florida.
And then there was Netflix! Here are some of our favorites: Dexter (currently watching), Department Q (foreign), The Killing, The Fall, and anything based on Nordic crime novels.