Why ASPPA Annual Matters to Me

By Lisa Allen • September 15, 2017 • 0 Comments
My first ASPPA Annual Conference came during my first year of full-time employment, working for a third party administrator.

I had, like many of you, stumbled into the retirement field courtesy of a couple of unexpected twists of fate just after college — and now here I was at this enormous gathering of the industry’s top experts and regulators. I sat in one session after another, trying to absorb as much as I could, peppering my newfound colleagues with questions in those jam-packed days — and went home (nearly) bursting with new ideas and insights.

A few years later, I worked up the courage make a comment to a speaker during a session (and I will never forget Craig Hoffman’s response to me, “Good point,” making me feel like I had finally mastered a previously unknown language and was able to converse knowledgeably!). In later years, as a more experienced ASPPA credentialed member, I found myself arguing viewpoints and contributing to those sessions like a pro.

Along the way I made connections that were not only great resources, many became friends, and remain friends and great resources even today.

Yes, the ASPPA Annual Conference has been a big part of my professional growth in this industry, and continues to be so today. Whether you’re a fresh-out-of-college grad who recently fell into our industry, or a 30-year veteran whose consultative skills have been fine-tuned, ASPPA Annual offers an opportunity to connect, get educated and excel at working in this industry we all love.

So come one, come all to ASPPA’s 2017 Annual Conference! If you’re a newbie, we’ve got a really cool new tool to help you navigate your first time experience. If you’re a retirement plan veteran, you already know that we need your voice on the Hill more than ever this year. And if you’re somewhere in between… well, regardless of your experience or expertise, we’d love you to join us and help mentor those following you, and learn from those ahead of you. The sessions are incredible, the networking is amazing. And after hours, there’s great fun to be had by all!

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Lisa Allen is Chief of Sales and Marketing for the American Retirement Association.