Want to Have an Impact on Retirement Policy?

By Nevin Adams • October 11, 2017 • 0 Comments
If you’ve never been part of ASPPA’s “March on the Hill” — or if you’ve done it a dozen times — there’s never been a time when your participation is more needed or more valued. We make it easy — but don’t take our word for it. Some of the nation’s leading retirement voices weigh in on what ASPPA’s Annual Conference — and our March on the Hill — means.

If you’re already registered for ASPPA Annual, don’t miss out — sign up for the March on the Hill at http://usaretirement.wufoo.com/forms/mjt6zbx04fr3am/.

“The first time I considered marching on the Hill I was nervous, but I signed up anyway. When I entered the ballroom, I was so impressed by the preparation and care the team took to get us ready. By the time of the event, my nervousness turned to excitement. I can remember thinking, “This is awesome! When in your life will you ever get to road trip to our nation’s capital with people who have the same interests as you?”
W. Frank Porter, APA, QKA, QPA
Assistant Vice-President, Institutional Relationship Management and Vice Chair, Government Affairs Executive Committee

“Walking tall on the Hill with an agenda is a great feeling. When you go, your colleagues will join you and together you make a profound impact, representing tens of thousands of participants, delivering talking points that you understand, and presenting a key defense for your profession and livelihood. I can’t think of a better way to show up to fight!
JJ McKinney, CPC, ERPA
Chief Operations Officer, Retirement Strategies, Inc.

“As hard as it may be to believe, our congressional representatives really do pay attention when their constituents visit. And, many have no independent knowledge of retirement plan issues or staff members who are pension geeks. Visiting these folks during the March on the Hill give us an opportunity to let them know that we and our clients care about these issues and to persuade the congressional representatives to put our concerns on their own agendas. In addition, it’s really fun to wander the halls of Congress and to meet these folks.”
Ilene Ferenczy
Senior Advisor to the Government Affairs Committee

“It is not often that citizens have the opportunity to catch their elected representatives’ ears and to see those representatives receive information and understand the impact on their constituents in a more informal setting. The March on the Hill is that opportunity.”
Kristina Kananen, APA, QPA, QKA

“The fact is that numbers matter; the more individual visits that are made on a subject, the more likely that that subject will raise to the top of the items the congressperson and his or her staff will pay attention to. And if you can say you represent “X thousands” of his or her constituents, that has a real impact on those numbers.”
Lawrence C. Starr
President, Qualified Plan Consultants, Inc.

“Face-to-face meetings with members on retirement issues are vital. When I worked on the Hill (long time ago and before e-mail), we knew one handwritten letter was worth 10 votes. A face-to-face was worth even more. This is more important when the visitor is not a lobbyist but someone who works in the industry and is passionate about what they do. That’s why I always march. ASPPA makes it easy for you. They schedule the meeting and give you everything you need. Just bring your enthusiasm.”
Elizabeth Hallam, CLU, CPC
Government Affairs Committee Chair

“It’s a sightseeing tour with a purpose. It might not be as fun as the 8th grade class trip to Washington, but it’s just as memorable. The ASPPA staff makes it easy — you will be fully prepared with talking points and you won’t be alone (meetings are scheduled with a small group of other ASPPA attendees from your area). It’s a unique experience and is an easy way to participate in the legislative process and make a difference.”
Robert Richter, APM
Past President, American Retirement Association

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Once a year ASPPA brings together leading retirement industry leaders and practitioners who, over a three-day period (Oct. 22-25, 2017) descend on our nation’s capital as part of the most intensive and extensive networking, informational and educational event for retirement plan professionals in the nation. We’re talking six educational tracks (including a NEW recordkeeping track!), five general sessions and more than 75 workshops.

The March on the Hill is a vital component of sharing our perspectives on the impact that regulations and legislation can have on America’s private retirement system.

If you’re already registered for ASPPA Annual, don’t miss out — sign up for the March on the Hill at http://usaretirement.wufoo.com/forms/mjt6zbx04fr3am/.

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