NTSA Unveils Advocacy and Resource Site

By Brent Neese • March 20, 2018 • 0 Comments
The National Tax-Deferred Savings Association (NTSA), a part of the American Retirement Association (ARA), is pleased to share a new offering with its membership — the NTSA Advocacy and Resource (ARC). The NTSA ARC is a member-only website featuring an interactive 403(b)/457 plan industry advocacy map of the United States, color-coded and sortable by issue area, with detailed summaries for each state, including:

  • NTSA’s engagement level in the state

  • Partisan political control of the governor’s mansion and legislature

  • Legislative session dates

  • Relevant active and/or proposed legislation and regulation

  • The structure and status of each state’s defined benefit and defined contribution retirement systems for public school employees

  • State-level disclosure requirements

  • State-level fiduciary requirements

  • Whether teachers are exempt from Social Security

NTSA and ARA representation in state capitals and Washington, DC ensure regulatory initiatives at the federal and state level protect the industry, American workers and the plan professionals who serve them. NTSA staff tracks, analyzes, and distills these bills down to their core, presenting its membership with succinct calls to action, fighting for uniformity in state and local rules across the country, and flexibility to design benefits that suit the needs of a unique workforce.

Effectively monitoring and combating threatening state legislation, as well as putting forward proactive legislation, is a daunting task. NTSA Government Affairs Counsel, Joseph Caruso, JD, MSPPM, will update the site as state and federal developments warrant, and we will be encouraging NTSA members to submit their own intelligence and suggested edits.

Brent Neese is the Executive Director of the NTSA.