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Industry Trends & Research

Industry Trends & Research

By ASPPA Net Staff8/21/2018 • 0 Comments

Participants took a vacation from 401(k) transfers in July, with no above-normal trading days – the first time that’s happened in more than a year. READ MORE

By Ted Godbout8/20/2018 • 0 Comments

Concerns about increasing health care costs and the potential to outlive savings are dampening employers’ confidence in their employees’ retirement futures,a new survey shows. READ MORE

By Ted Godbout8/20/2018 • 0 Comments

Average individual 401(k), 403(b) and IRA account balances bounced back after a slight dip in the first quarter, showing solid year-over-year growth, according to data on Fidelity Investments clients. READ MORE

By Nevin Adams 8/17/2018 • 0 Comments

You may have seen recent coverage of a new “study” that found a surge in bankruptcy filings among retirees. READ MORE

By Ted Godbout8/17/2018 • 0 Comments

A majority of DC plan participants want the help of an expert in managing retirement assets, but many still stop short of wanting employers to choose their investments for them, new survey results show. READ MORE

By John Iekel 8/16/2018 • 0 Comments

On a host of issues, the map of the U.S. is a crazy quilt, with states creating a kaleidoscope of responses to problems and circumstances — one of which is the retirement readiness of employees in the private sector. Following is an update highlighting some of the most significant developments in states that have taken steps to create state-run programs for these employees. READ MORE

By John Iekel 8/14/2018 • 0 Comments

A recent blog entry argues that when an employee retires matters not only to that individual, but also to their employer. READ MORE

By John Iekel 8/10/2018 • 0 Comments

A recent report offers a look at that measure and finds that retirement readiness — or the lack thereof — is not uniform across all groups and worker populations. READ MORE

By John Iekel 8/8/2018 • 0 Comments

Missing participants are challenging to plans, TPAs and recordkeepers — but cashouts ultimately are an even bigger issue, a service provider suggests. READ MORE

By Ted Godbout8/7/2018 • 0 Comments

While interest surrounding financial wellness programs appears to be growing in the workplace, there continues to be a lack of understanding about the value they deliver, according to a recent report. READ MORE

By John Iekel 8/6/2018 • 0 Comments

Retirement income solutions that seek to help provide financial resources for a lifetime are on the rise; a recent paper offers ideas on how a retirement plan professional can evaluate the effectiveness and worth of those solutions. READ MORE

By Ted Godbout8/6/2018 • 0 Comments

While most active retirement savers agree that accumulating enough savings is important in being able to retire comfortably, a significant subset worry they’re already too far behind, a new study finds. READ MORE

By ASPPA Net Staff8/3/2018 • 0 Comments

Things continued to heat up in July for those average 401(k) balances. READ MORE

By John Iekel 7/27/2018 • 0 Comments

It isn’t hard to find a plan that has invested in TDFs, but it can be hard to find assessments that ask hard questions about them. A recent white paper does just that. READ MORE

By John Iekel 7/27/2018 • 0 Comments

Individuals’ financial information is so valuable that identity thieves will do just about anything to steal it, including gaining entry into retirement plan records that aren’t properly protected. But you can act to prevent a break-in. READ MORE

By Jack Towarnicky7/27/2018 • 0 Comments

In part three of a three-part series concerning retirement preparedness, we confirm that there is no solution for workers who do not have retirement preparation as a priority. READ MORE

By Nevin Adams 7/26/2018 • 0 Comments

In my experience, two big questions loom over financial wellness. READ MORE

By Nevin Adams7/24/2018 • 0 Comments

Which adds up to more retirement income: working 6 months longer or saving 1% more for 30 years? READ MORE

By Jack Towarnicky7/18/2018 • 0 Comments

In Part 2 of a three-part series on retirement in America, we look at the decline of traditional pension plans and the rise of defined contribution plans. READ MORE

By Nevin Adams 7/18/2018 • 0 Comments

A recent report suggests that participants are “clueless” about decumulation. And who can blame them? READ MORE

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