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Getting Employee Buy-In on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity: Heading Off Trouble

Cyber Fraud: Real Ideas to Address Virtual Crime

Rules and Income and Cyber, Oh My!

Thwarting Cyber Attacks on Retirement Plans


DOL Enforcement

DOL Launches Expanded Compliance Outreach Initiative

ARA Asks DOL for Clarity on Rollover Recommendations

DOL Shifts Focus of Enforcement Letter Following ARA Comments

Fiduciary Rule Litigation (Still) Lingers

It’s Official: The Fiduciary Rule Is Dead

ARA Seeks IRS Action on EPCRS, Determination Letters and More

Is it Back to the Future for the DOL’s Fiduciary Rule?

EBSA Threats of ‘Alternative Enforcement Actions’ Trigger ARA Response

DOL Puts Fiduciary Rule Enforcement on Hold


IRS Enforcement

Avoid Making Incomplete VCP Submissions, IRS Reminds

ASPPA Seeks IRS Action on Form 5558 Acknowledgements

Rollover Notices Updated for Tax Reform

Check Taxation of Pension Payments, IRS Advises Taxpayers

IRS Extends Temporary Nondiscrimination Relief for Closed DB Plans

IRS Okays Amending a 401(k) Plan to Include a Student Loan Benefit Program

IRS Extends Opinion Letter Deadline for Cycle 3 Pre-Approved Plans

IRS Outlines Changes to Forms Used for VCP Submissions

ARA Comments on Revised Pre-Approved Plan Document Program

Determination Letters, Missing Participants Figure in ACT Report

ARA Recommends Expanding Determination Letter Program

House Subcommittee Chair, Ranking Member Press IRS for VCP Update

IRS Rules on Payment from an IRA to a State Unclaimed Property Fund

IRS Announces Umbrella Closing Agreements for Pre-Approved Plan Providers


Legislation that Would Affect Retirement Plans

Ways & Means Moves on MEPs, PEPs and Other Retirement Savings Provisions

Tax Reform 2.0 Tackles Retirement Saving Issues

Will Congress Enact Retirement Legislation This Year?

Lawmakers Discuss RESA, Other Measures

Bill Would Eviscerate ERISA Protections for Small Plan Participants

Bipartisan Senate Bills Seek to Boost Retirement Savings

Legislation Boosting SIMPLE Plans for Small Businesses Introduced

Ways & Means Responds on Rothification Rumors

Surprise: Rothification May Be Back on the Table


Missing Participants

Finding Missing Participants: Ideas and Warnings

Cashouts: Worse Than Missing Participants

Understanding Legal Risks with Retirement Plan Missing Participants

Missing Participants: Communication ‘Always Critical’

Missing Participants, Uncashed Checks: What to Do?


Retirement Income and Preparedness

Understanding Human Nature Can Facilitate Retirement Savings

Do the RMD Rules Have an Impact on Future Retirement Savings?

Retirement Savings and Tax Reform 2.0 — Will it Pan Out?

Account Balances Rebound from First Quarter Volatility

Retirement Readiness Not Monolithic

Under Covered

Evaluating Retirement Income Solutions

Save More or Work Longer?

7 Reasons Retirement Income Solutions Stall

Retirement Confidence Improving, But Effects from Great Recession Linger

Financial Literacy > Information Simplicity in Retirement Prep: Study

De-Accumulation: Don’t Sleep on Distribution Options

Fixing Financial Education


State-Sponsored Plans

Connecticut’s State-Run Plan on Hold as State Seeks Director

Pennsylvania Pension Systems Under Scrutiny

State’s Proposal Would Expand OregonSaves to Individuals

CalSavers Moving Toward Implementation

Illinois Secure Choice ‘May’ Offer More Choice

OregonSaves Options May Expand

Bill to Create Auto-IRA Savings Program Before NJ Legislature

States Flex Their Muscles on Coverage

OregonSaves Marks First Anniversary

OregonSaves Implementing, Refining Interactive Procedures

Oregon Treasury Delays PERS Member Investment Choice

OregonSaves Wave 2 Deadline Approaches