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ASPPA Webcast: Defined Benefit Plans for Account Balance Minds

Available until January 16, 2020

Speaker: JJ McKinney, CPC, QPA, QKA, ERPA, Vice President, Retirement Strategies, Inc.

Experience Level for Attendees: Intermediate

IRS Program Number: CZTXU-Q-00981-18-O

Webcast Outline

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Two words often strike fear into the minds of 401(k) plan administrators: defined benefit. First, you know more than you realize about these thought-to-be-antiquated gentle giants. Second, we will explain a few essential concepts to help you get comfy with the unknown. Third, their nimble cousin, cash balance, continues to grow in popularity and plays very well with your 401(k) plan. Join us for a fun, fast discussion on key concepts, similarities, differences and questions.

Key Takeaways:
1. Engage your knowledge of qualified plans to bridge defined contribution plan knowledge to defined benefit plans
2. Identify defined benefit specific concepts, characteristics and terminology for key triggers
3. Explore how cash balance plans work with profit-sharing plans to enhance benefits to owners and frankly, all participants
4. Address frequently asked questions and answer in terms that plan sponsors comprehend

Registration Deadlines: 

On-Demand: 1/16/2020


CE Credit: 2 ASPPA, 2 NAPA, 2 NTSA, 2 ERPA, 1 JBEA Noncore/Core


About the Speaker

JJ McKinney is Vice President with Retirement Strategies, Inc., an Ascensus Company. He has a passion for the pension industry with hopes to mentor and build future pension consultants to ultimately help Americans prepare for retirement. JJ loves seeing pension professionals “eat their own cooking” and retire, since we give our professional energies to helping others do the same. He was recently elected as an at-large member of the ASPPA Leadership Council.

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