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According to a survey on, 60% of Americans do not have sufficient funds saved to enable them to pay for an unexpected emergency expense. The failure to save money is at epidemic levels. One way that an individual can deal with desperate circumstances (or more-than-normal financial... READ MORE
Plan sponsors occasionally wish to change aspects of their plan vesting provisions. But that can be more easily said than done. A recent ASPPA webcast offers a look at the technical requirements to making changes to a plan’s vesting provisions and how to avoid common pitfalls in doing so. As a... READ MORE
We really hadn’t been focused on making a change, though the subject had come up from time to time.  In fact, considering how long we had been thinking about making a change without actually doing anything about it, the change itself felt almost accidental in its suddenness. So sudden, in fact,... READ MORE
When it comes to managing 401(k) investment allocation transactions, a new study suggests that the usability of key website features represents one of the most persistent problems across provider interfaces.   Two seemingly tangential features that came up continually during Corporate Insight’s... READ MORE
We’re interested in you — and what you’re looking for in programming to support your personal and professional development.  Please take a couple of minutes to respond to our anonymous survey and let us know what’s on your mind — and how we can help!  The survey is at READ MORE
Plan fees often elicit complaint and sometimes serious action, as lawsuits and court rulings attest. A recent article discusses the Department of Labor (DOL) rules for controlling fees and what they require, as well as how to protect employees from excessive fees. There is a range of reasons for... READ MORE
A recent study bolsters the findings and arguments of those who suggest that retirement doesn’t necessarily mean not working any more. The LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute reports that approximately of 20% of retirees actually continue to work in some capacity. “Today retirement is better defined... READ MORE
The IRS has determined that if an individual receives a distribution check from a qualified plan and does not cash the check, that individual cannot exclude the amount of the designated distribution from gross income and the employer remains subject to withholding and reporting obligations. The IRS... READ MORE
The mercury may have soared in July, but the funded status of the biggest corporate pension plans fell, says a recent report. The Milliman 100 Pension Funding Index (PFI), through which Milliman provides information on the 100 largest corporate defined benefit plans, reports that in July their... READ MORE
Beachgoers weren’t the only ones taking some time off in July, as 401(k) trading activity among 401(k) plan participants logged only one above-normal day, according to the Alight Solutions 401(k) Index. This comes following a busy second quarter, which registered the heaviest quarter of net trading... READ MORE