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Nevin Adams

A recent headline screamed that 401(k) savings rates have “stagnated” – but that’s missing the point. “Stagnated” in this case apparently means that the average savings rate in 2018 — both employee and employer contributions — was 10.6%, roughly the same as the 10.4% rate reported in the survey in... READ MORE
A plan sponsor fiduciary won their case in court, refuting allegations that they should have removed a fund from the plan’s investment menu. The plaintiff in this case was Marc J. Muri, an employee of National Indemnity, an insurance provider located in Omaha, Nebraska, and a participant in... READ MORE
An excessive fee suit has been granted class action status in federal court. This time it’s a group of former participants in the JPMorgan Chase 401(k) Savings Plan, a plan that has approximately 266,000 to 300,000 participants and more than $14 billion in assets. Suit ‘Case’ In considering the... READ MORE
The headline in a recent New York Times piece cautions that “Confusing Options May Be Coming to Your 401(k). It Could Cost You.”   Those “confusing options”? Retirement income. And, ironically, they might undermine support for the most significant piece of pro-retirement legislation in a decade... READ MORE
Whether you are a Game of Thrones aficionado – or haven’t watched a single episode – there are lessons to be learned nonetheless. Not only are there fiduciary admonitions from the HBO series, it turns out there are words of wisdom for individual retirement savers as well. Check these out. “When... READ MORE
Life has many lessons to teach us, some more painful than others – and some we’d just as soon be spared. But as graduates everywhere look ahead to the next chapter in their lives, it seems a good time to reflect on some lessons learned along the way. It’s handy to know at least a little about... READ MORE
The U.S. Supreme Court will, once again, take up the issue of where, and how, to draw the line between the obligations of corporate officials and ERISA plan fiduciaries. Specifically, the Supreme Court has now decided (Ret. Plans Comm. of IBM v. Jander, U.S., No. 18-1165, certiorari granted 6/3/19... READ MORE
I was late to the Game of Thrones – and though its final season seems a bit “rushed” – there has been plenty to not only watch, but mull over in its eight-season run. And yet, as the series wound to a close, I kept thinking there were some lessons for retirement amidst the mayhem. ‘A man’s gotta... READ MORE
It’s often said that “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” But that didn’t work for the plaintiffs in a suit challenging the use of a money market fund, rather than a stable value option. The plaintiffs here have been “trying” since February 2016, when they, represented by the St. Louis... READ MORE
For those who thought the notion of a financial transaction tax might be a passing fad, guess again. Presidential aspirant Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) have just introduced the Inclusive Prosperity Act of 2019, along with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) (also a... READ MORE
There has been a lot of litigation in recent months alleging excessive fees and an imprudent reliance on proprietary funds by asset managers' own 401(k) plans. But a new study finds some interesting differences in plan design and participation. The findings are captured in a recent white paper... READ MORE
Mothers give us a lot, not the least of which is life itself. But as I was reading through all the accolades on social media over the weekend, I couldn’t help but be reminded of all my mother gave me. As is the case in many families, “Mom” was our family’s CFO. See, like many in his generation, my... READ MORE
The 2019 Retirement Confidence Survey (RCS) found a continued increase in retirement confidence – but some were more likely to be confident than others.  Confidence about retirement is one thing, of course, and preparation something else, though the two are logically intertwined. That said, for... READ MORE
Plan sponsors often gloss over the reality that they are ERISA fiduciaries – or think that if they have hired an advisor, they’ve basically hired a stand-in for that responsibility. But there’s another mistake that even the most well-intentioned make – with remarkable frequency, based on what I... READ MORE
Plan sponsors and service providers already take seriously their responsibilities to protect participant data, but where are the lines of responsibilities and accountability in the event of a breach? That was the focus of a workshop at the Plan Sponsor Council of America’s 2019 National Conference... READ MORE
Over the past decade and change, there have been a number of high-profile excessive fee suits brought against retirement plan fiduciaries, notably the plan committees that oversee these programs. Here’s what your plan committee members should know. 1. Why they are a member of the committee. Today... READ MORE
It’s said that change is good – and, according to new research, that also applies to 401(k) investment menus. A new report from Morningstar Research finds “evidence that fund replacements provide significantly higher risk-adjusted returns than the funds that were replaced,” going on to state that... READ MORE
You may have missed it – but we just passed the anniversary of the 1912 sinking of the now iconic RMS Titanic, at the time the world’s largest ocean liner.  Its passengers included some of the wealthiest people in the world, as well as a large number of emigrants seeking a new life in North... READ MORE
Issuing an executive order designed to “promote private investment in the Nation’s energy infrastructure,” the Trump administration has called for a review involving retirement plan investments. The executive order directs the Secretary of Labor to, “within 180 days of the date of this order,... READ MORE
A new report claims that participants and plan sponsors are keen on ESG – but apparently not enough to do much about it. The report, by Cerulli Associates, cites a 2018 survey of 1,000 active 401(k) plan participants among which “more than half” agreed with the statement, “I prefer to invest in... READ MORE