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From the Executive Editor

Hi there, readers. I trust you are all enjoying summer and its long days, the gin and tonics, the BBQ’s, the camping, the 100 mosquito bites in one night… Okay, that was me last week camping at the foot of the Steens Mountains in eastern Oregon. No kidding, about 100 bites on me the first night alone! As I said to my wife: “Please remind me what it is I enjoy about camping.” 
We didn’t take a break from the e-news last month because I was tired and needed a June break — we took a break because, as I told the editor, “I’ve got nothing.” Yes, the well temporarily ran dry. But luckily, this month I was able to round up some good content for all of you to enjoy.
There was a very interesting thread on the ACOPA listserv a month or so ago about an attorney advising an actuary that a contribution was a mistake of fact and should be withdrawn. I asked Susan Feit, who initiated the post, to summarize the issues she faced with this situation, and Susan’s submission is here

PBGC officials have advised our leadership that an area where they see large non-compliance is where a PBGC-covered plan has an unpaid minimum contribution, but then fails to file PBGC Form 10 to report this as a reportable event. I asked one of the other actuaries here at Summit, Mike Eaton, to write about this; Mike’s article is here
Joe Nichols wanted to update you all on what is happening at The Actuarial Foundation, so read all about it here
Kurt Piper, our esteemed President (yes I know using the word ‘esteemed’ and Kurt Piper in the same sentence is a still shock to the system), has provided a very detailed update on all of ACOPA’s activities, here
Judy Miller has provided an interesting update on the conversations between ACOPA, IRS, Treasury and the PBGC, here
In my ongoing search for actuaries who are not nerds, I asked Sheri Alsguth of Pinnacle Plan Design to tell me about her hobbies, and Sheri does just that here
Lastly, in honor of summer, here’s a link to some summer jokes