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Where Were You in 1974?

Whether you were a “dazed and confused” high schooler, worried about Watergate, or no more than a twinkle in your parents’ eyes – 1974 – and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act – would (thankfully) prove to have more staying power than puka shell necklaces, bell bottoms, or polyester leisure suits.

Today is, of course, the 40th anniversary of the signing into law of ERISA.  And in this year, as we commemorate the 40th anniversary of ERISA, the 2014 ASPPA Annual Conference will feature a very special panel of industry luminaries who will share with you their unique perspectives on the landscape that led to the legislation, the consequences (intended and otherwise) that followed, and offer some timely insights on the road(s) ahead.  

Join us for a lively and enlightening discussion – come be part of the nation’s largest and most-valued retirement education conference for information, networking, and continuing education credit.
You’ll be glad you did (bell bottoms optional).

You can find out more about ASPPA’s Annual Conference  - and reserve your place – at