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Women Business Leaders Forum to Include Shari Harley

Join us June 5-8 in Denver for the Women Business Leaders Forum (WBLF)! If you have ever attended in the past, you know what a great conference this is. And if you have not previously attended, make this the year! We have a great line up of sessions that will help you run your business, grow your employees, and create customer relationships that last.

Back by popular demand this year: Shari Harley of Candid Culture! Anyone who attended last year knows what a “wow factor” Shari brings to her presentations.

Shari Harley is known globally as an engaging, funny, content-rich business communication speaker. Her keynote speeches and conference breakout sessions are high-energy, packed with useful business communication training techniques and are way more fun than participants could even hope to expect.

This year she will be discussing what she calls “The Quit and Stay Phenomenon” with us.

Do you ever walk by your employee’s desk to find them using their cell phone or surfing the web? Most likely they are not doing something that will help grow your business. They are buying something from Amazon or liking a photo. Just because turnover in your office may be low, does not mean that the employee hasn’t quit, they just haven’t left the building.

In Shari’s session “Avoiding the Quit & Stay Phenomenon” you will learn how to:

  • bring the fun and camaraderie back to work;

  • recognize performance without spending money;

  • find out why your employees stay with your organization and what would make them leave;

  • develop a loyal and committed workforce; and

  • get the best from your employees.

You can learn more about Shari by visiting her website.

Be sure to join us this year for another great conference that offers the opportunity for women business leaders to learn and share their knowledge along with fellow attendees.

To see the full agenda and to register for the conference, click here.

See you in Denver!

Megan Crawford, ERPA, is with Williams Benefit Consulting, LLC.