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PBGC Proposes Modified Records Systems

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) has proposed changes to its records systems. It proposes that some be modified, some be rescinded and some be introduced. The proposal appeared in the Federal Register of Feb. 13.

The PBGC says that after its biennial review of its systems of records notices, it seeks to amend general routine use, rescind a duplicative system of records, establish a new system of records for collection of data from the agency website, add or amend routine uses in 10 record systems, make clarifying changes to all 19 of its record notice systems and republish all existing record notice systems.

The changes include:

  • Clarifying that information maintained in a PBGC system of records may be disclosed to law enforcement investigating the potential or actual violation of a statute, regulation, rule or particular program.

  • Making clarifying changes to existing records systems

  • Republishing all existing system of records notices

  • Rescinding PBGC-24, Participant Debt Collection

  • Establishing a new system of records: PBGC-25, PBGC.GOV Comment Management System

  • Adding two routine uses to PBGC-2, Disbursements

  • Adding a routine use to PBGC-3, Employee Payroll, Leave, and Attendance Records

  • Clarifying the types of plan information contained in the system, amending two routine uses and adding a routine use to PBGC-6, Plan Participant and Beneficiary Data

  • Adding one routine use to PBGC-8, Employee Relations Files

  • Amending the name of the System of Record, amend one routine use, correcting the numbering of published routine uses and adding two routine uses to PBGC-9, Unclaimed Pensions

  • Updating and adding 10 routine uses to PBGC-12, Personnel Security Investigation Records

  • Amending the system manager and adding one routine use to PBGC-13, Debt Collection

  • Adding one routine use to PBGC-14, My Plan Administration Account Records

  • Adding seven routine uses to PBGC-17, Office of Inspector General Investigative File System

  • Amending the category of records and adding a routine use to PBGC-19, Office of General Counsel Case Management System

Comments Welcome

The PBGC will accept comments through March 15, 2018. The proposed changes will become effective unless comments result in modifications.

Comments can be sent:

  • by mail or by hand-delivery to: Communications Outreach and Legislative Affairs Department, Pension Benefit and Guaranty Corporation, 1200 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005;