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Procrastination Alert!

If you’re one of those people who inevitably put things off to the last minute — or maybe you just have a fear of “commitment” — yes, this post is for you. Consider this your call to action.

For weeks (months?) now, you’ve seen the promotions about ASPPA Annual, there have been posts from both ASPPA leadership and those on the steering committee reminding you of the great opportunity this represents to forward your career — the information you’ll get, the experts you’ll hear from, the peers, friends, partners and colleagues with which you’ll get to (re) connect.

We’ve teased you with promos about ASPPA Squares where panels of the nation’s foremost retirement plan experts will subject themselves to a gameshow format — all in the interests of imparting insights on some of the most perplexing and challenging current events that confront us all every day.

We’ve told you about the good food and entertainment (Herr Metal? C’mon, what a cool name for an ’80s metal band!!) that awaits you at the end of those days of education, information and interaction.

And yes, from time to time we’ve mentioned all that continuing education credit that you’ll be able to rack up at the same time — AHEAD of that cycle year deadline scramble.

We’ve even sought to prod you to action by reminding you that rooms at the event venue might be hard to come by — and finally, that the preferential registration rate for those willing to make an early commitment is due to expire. Twice.

The obvious question is — so, what’s holding you back? We know there is a lot going on — perhaps you and/or your business have been directly impacted by hurricanes and wildfires, or maybe you’re just swamped with deadlines, customer meetings, the press of winding up annual filings, or maybe you’re just trying to make preparations for the end of this year.

Regardless, ASPPA Annual is the place where the retirement industry experts come together — to learn, to share, to inspire. But this year we also need you to come help us shape the dialogue on Capitol Hill — to emphasize the dangers of “tinkering” with the rules and limits that encourage plan formation and participation, that make it possible for Americans to prepare for a more satisfying retirement.

ASPPA is all about “making retirement plans work.” Come be part of the nation’s most important and impact-filled conference. ASPPA Annual 2017.

Register today — Come help us make retirement plans work — even better!