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Political Action Committee

Why does the American Retirement Association need a PAC?

ARA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is crucial for ARA’s ongoing effort to educate, build, and maintain strong relationships with key lawmakers who express interest in, and support of the employer-based retirement system. ARA PAC strengthens ARA’s voice. By law, only ARA PAC, and not ARA, can make political contributions to candidates. Political contributions open the door so that ARA’s members—of ASPPA, NAPA, ACOPA, & NTSA—can be heard. ARA’s ideas and philosophies are good policy. Making sure these ideas and philosophies get a fair and adequate hearing is why ARA PAC was created. ARA members who choose to become members of ARA PAC through contributing to the PAC help make sure that Congress understands what is needed to protect Americans’ retirement security.

Who can contribute to ARA PAC?

Only affirmed members (credentialed and non-credentialed) and their spouses, as well as ARA employees, may join and contribute to ARA PAC. Only individuals who are affirmed ARA members can contribute—company contributions are not permitted under federal law.

How much should I give?

You can support ARA PAC with the level that feels best to you—from $5 to $5,000. For your convenience, contributions can also be set up to occur monthly. While we encourage any amount, please consider qualifying for one of the followingARA PAC Elite Contributor Levels:

  • Presidents Club: $5,000
  • Executives Club: $2,500
  • Founders Club: $1,000
  • Leaders Circle: $500

Contributions to ARA PAC are not tax-deductible.

Support ARA PAC

For the form to mail in a check or credit card contribution, click here.

As presidential candidates are outlining their plans for federal tax reform, and policy makers in Washington are laying the ground work for their own 2017 tax reform efforts, ARA PAC is working to educate Washington on employer-based retirement system works, and works well, for tens of millions of Americans saving for retirement.

We must remain diligent in our work to educate Congress on the importance of protecting America’s retirement security. Please consider joining your fellow ARA members in supporting ARA PAC today!

Contact Alisa Wolking, Director of Political Affairs, at 703.516.9300 x138, or for more information.