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Looking for Some New Direction(s)?

Noted journalist Horace Greeley once famously commented “Go West, Young Man.” What’s not often repeated is the rest of that quote.

Regardless of where you live, this year’s Western Benefit Conference is, once again, shaping up to be an amazing event. It’s one of the few events in the nation to span issues relating to both retirement AND health care, with an audience that includes plan sponsors, attorneys, consultants, actuaries, advisors, health & welfare professionals, and TPAs.

There are special (separate) Q&A sessions for defined contribution and defined benefit plans, informal (and informative) roundtable discussions with leading industry experts and thought leaders on the latest hot topics, including MEPs, HSAs, financial wellness, litigation, non-qualified plans and executive comp, the fiduciary regulation, ethics — even the “nightmares of plan administration.”

In short, there’s something for everyone who’s anyone who works with benefit programs, great networking (with everyone who’s anyone who works with benefit programs), an exhibit hall with lots of opportunity to “kick the tires” (by everyone who’s anyone who works with benefit programs).
So, “go west” (even if you are already there), and join me (and hundreds more) at the 2017 Western Benefits Conference in Anaheim, CA — July 9-12. Register today and reserve your spot here.

I look forward to seeing you there!

p.s. In that July 1865 New York Tribune editorial Greeley closed with “Go West, young man, go West and grow up with the country.”

But the first part of his quote was:

“Washington is not a place to live in. The rents are high, the food is bad, the dust is disgusting and the morals are deplorable”
Some things never change!